Battle Royale (2000)

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a Japanses production adapted from Koushun Takami’s book of the same name. It was to be the last film to be directed by horror renowned director Kinji Fukasaku. When a class of junior high school students are taken to a desert island only the worst imaginable possibilities await them. They must kill each other in order to survive- where there can only be one winner. The action-thriller delivers on both action and thrill. Brilliantly put together, while staying relatively true to the book . The action is both gory and scary – while capturing the personalities of the important characters (Getting to know 30 or so high school characters in a short space wouldn’t be the best film!). A great cult film to watch, and I would definitely recommend the book!

So today’s lesson is, you kill each other off till there’s only one left. Nothing’s against the rules.” – Teacher Kitano