Review: Looper (2012)

Directed and written by Rian Johnson, Looper is an action and adventure film where time travel has been invented, but available only on the black market. Controlled by the mob, they send back people to be killed by “loopers”, a hired gun waiting to mop up. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, Looper is a film that has everything, while exploring ethics of time travel.
With a thought-provoking ending, this is one of only three films written and directed by Rian Johnson (Brick). What Johnson has created, is a fresh and intelligent addition to the time travel genre, offering audiences something different. Sound performances from lead actors Gordon Levitt, Willis and Blunt help roundhouse the film into a complete package. This film is in no way limited to the genre, as the film would appeal to anyone. A highly entertaining Sci-fi adventure film, that I would highly recommend!

“This time travel crap, just fries your brain like a egg…” – Abe