Review: Man Up (2015)

Man Up

Starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell comes an entertaining romantic comedy with two strong leads. Directed by Ben Palmer (The Inbetweeners Movie) and written by Tess Morris, Man Up is about a stranger who takes the place of someone else on a blind date, and believes she has found the perfect boyfriend, until the truth comes out.
Man Up is a causal romantic comedy that plays well on this fact with its two talented leads in Pegg and Bell. The plot of the film gets off to a great start, and the two leads embrace their characters as the film reaches its final act. The final act however would perhaps resonate with the romantics out there, but you seriously have to suspend your disbelief to walk away from this one without questioning. A great, humorous romantic comedy that goes from strength to strength with Pegg and Bell at the helm, you just have to question the ending. Overall, an enjoyable watch.

Congratulations on your massive pack of lies!” – Jack